Art and sharing describe the design collaborations and sharing that the brand develops.


    Art and sharing describes the collaborations and project sharing that the brand develops. The LUX VISIONARIA fragrance therefore opens the new collection by framing the friendship born Bianca de la Garza, Mexican-American journalist and television personality. Filippo and Bianca met a few years ago in Rome, on the occasion of a documentary that the troupe was making to describe Italy, its capital and its excellence. From there the growing mutual interest in being able to create a four-handed work that could seal the friendship between two apparently different people but with a fundamental joint: Beauty and spiritual openness. LUX VISIONARIA speaks of both sensibilities, of the search for that Beyond which consumes and defines, which listens to and re-designs our distortions, making us look upwards, while not forgetting our drama, in a meditative and colorful cosmos. We are here before ourselves, we feel the weight of our weaknesses, in search of a precise point of reference, which leaves its reflections, allowing us to see the path traced. /p> It is important to look within. The eye rests on our decisions, on that truth which is our vision of the world, in full harmony so as not to fall, looking far away for a message that perfumes and contaminates our lives. The truth today is to sink solitude and transform it into a gift, finding curiosity even in the silence that screams and invokes light. This is the real conquest, this is the real victory over the dark, because the Light smells like Infinity and annihilates every miserable vision of the things that surround our existence. The clear reaches us, its own, the crystal is before our eyes, dense to cross but necessary to see through it the Extraordinary in our Ordinary, the Novelty in the Everyday, the Light clear after the forest of colors. LUX VISIONARIA, listening to it, helps us look up, giving us unexpected evolutions, returning to a suspended state in which one is amazed at the existence of the world and therefore of one's own existence, of beautiful things and of a new need to program, so that we can put on the Infinite. Even the packaging tells the story of the relationship between Filippo and Bianca, made entirely by hand: the fragrance is enclosed in a black and white box, bearing the now stylistically recognizable drawings of Filippo Sorcinelli and covered with a dichroic film iridescent. An authentic amethyst crystal is set in the white wooden cap.