extrait de musique

Nothing already heard, only compositions with a strong (very strong) personality. The bottle, of a religious beauty takes the form of a drawbar of the organ stop with his knob, faithful reproduction of the knobs of the stops of the “Grand Orgue” of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

As concerning the names of the perfumes, they too have been inspired by the stops of the Great Organ.

  • Trompette 8

    The "extrait de musique" collection aims to describe with incensethe many sounds of the registers of the Great Organ of Notre-DameCathedral in Paris.The sixth new fragrance to be presented speaks synaesthetically ofthe trumpet register, belonging to the reed family, one of the oldestorgan registers. The first documented attestation of this registeris found in a description of a large organ from the first centuryB.C., placed in a gladiator arena.Reed registers the sound due to the vibration of a tab (the reed)on two walls.Characterized by a particularly metallic and "scratchy" sound justlike real trumpets, they enrich and complement the instrument.The cap, like the previous extrait de musique, faithfully reproducesthe stops of the registers of the Parisian Grand Organ.Trompette 8 is enclosed like its predecessors inside an entirelyhandmade wooden box, reminiscent of the wooden case of large pipeorgan soundboxes.
  • Unda maris 8

    From the Latin “Wave of the sea”, it is a particular range of the organ. It consists of two equal rods, one of which is tuned slightly lower than the other. The phase shift between the two frequencies produces a particular physical phenomenon that generates the characteristic waving effect of the sound.
  • Violon Basse 16

    It has the same name of the orchestral instrument, the largest member of the viola family. The sound produces a grating effect like the sound of a string being struck. The material of which the rods are made is a very sturdy wood which, when it is worked, produces an intense and smoky scent.
  • Voix Humaine 8

    It is a register that wants to imitate the solo singing of the human voice, with a strong reference to the vibrato of the vocal cords. Synaesthetically one can hear sound and perfume coming almost from our mouth, as if it were an extension of our voice.
  • Contre Bombarde 32

    The bombard produces a sound similar to the trombone. It is the most powerful organ range, and, because of its size, it is generally positioned in the deepest part of the instrument case. The rods are of considerable size and for this reason they concentrate a lot of layers of dust, incenses, smell of polishes that are time-stratified.
  • Plein Jeu III-V

    The free polyphony of angels. Plein Jeu is an organ register made up of various rows of pipes that speak simultaneously on a note on the keyboard. It is the most solemn, greatest and most characteristic sound of the organ, of great elevation.