Lascia ch’io pianga

extrait de parfum 100 ml


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Good things are images that disappear from our minds. They are parts of us lost in the forest of habits. But the pain remains and describes what cannot be chosen. Maybe I don't want to forget maybe it won't happen I want to feel different.

Only free.

I remember crying because it's stronger than forgetting. But going is sweeter than staying. I don't want to live in fear of what comes from the dark or what I left behind. I am who I wanted to be even when it wasn't me speaking.

They were tears to the moon always climbed as a prayer sculpting my fate. I proudly sigh a single leap into the drama not to let go of the emotions. So I follow my emerald-scented path wherever it may lead me.

It's a promise to me to one another an oath a cry a sincerity a brave hymn

Strong I believe and I never forget.

The eleventh fragrance by Filippo Sorcinelli praises the race towards one's freedom.
The initial emotional spark of this new project is still the pentagram, as evidenced by the decoration of the bottle: It is the music that moves, that descends like tears to generate the desire for freedom: the aria from Haendel's Rinaldo "Lascia ch'io pianga ”.
In reality it is only the genesis since the project evolves, opening up a much more articulated path: the concept of the conquest of a precious gift that every human being possesses and which today more than ever becomes a fundamental value.
Filippo Sorcinelli wants to recount his human and artistic journey through the difficult conquest of this "absolute", far from multiple slaveries: fashions, advertising, preconceptions. We realize how important freedom is only when it itself fails. And it is through the experiences of each one that the limit of prejudices is overcome to run in a straight road on a symbolically green expanse indicated by a moon that accompanies and bathes our faces in a warm and enveloping light.
Freedom, a painful voice, however, does not mean arbitrarily always doing what one wants, since it must always come to terms with rights and values.
It's that new song that also makes us aware of the limits, it's that sigh away from the breath that unties the tangles of our uncertainties to definitively indicate our vocation.

SUBJECT: Lilac, Jasmine, Gardenia, Ylangylang, Iris
COUNTER SUBJECT: Tuberose, Carnation
TAIL: Balsam of Tolù, Musks

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